Explore our library of free FileMaker techniques and solutions. If you’re looking for a seamless integration into your workflow or assistance with implementation, we’re here for you. Contact us to transform these powerful tools into tailored solutions for your business needs.

Native Calendar

Native Calendar is built natively in FileMaker using one table a portal and button bars to create an expandable calendar grid. . Global and layout variables make the calendar dynamic and modular.

SMTP2Go API Integration

SMTP2Go API Integration provides connectivity for sending email through SMTP2Go. The demo file includes sending emails, adding and removing user emails, serching activities as well as the ability to send SMS messages.

Dynamic Modular Menu

Dynamic Modular Menu utilizes layout variables and layout naming conventions to populate a multi-level menu set based on the list of layouts present. User preferences control what layouts to include as well as text content, size, and other defined options.

Stripe Payment Processing

The Stripe payment processing module provides payment processing through Stripe without any third-party plugins. 

AuthNet Payment Processing

The AuthNet payment processing module provides payment processing through without any third-party plugins. 

Dapi Web Integration Demo

The DAPI Web Integration Demo is a basic invoicing database that comes complete with a set of php pages and instructions for uploading and connecting from a website with the FileMaker Data API.

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